7/29/17 Acuyoga for Lower Back Care! By Ying Wang and Philip Jean (L.Ac.)

This workshop will highlight the various causes of lower back pain such as stress and bad posture, and will also focus on the organs and acupuncture meridians that influence the lower back region – the kidneys and bladder. Ying will lead students in Yin poses in the first half of the workshop and while in Shavasana, Phlip will adminster acupuncture.

This is beneficial to anyone from acute to chronic lower back pain; anyone with kidney/bladder diseases and/or anyone who is just interested in the practice.  It is strictly prohibited for women who have lower back pain while they are pregnant. 

Expect to sign a waiver for acupuncture before the class starts.

Early bird special sign up before 7/29 for only $40/ On the day of $45.