**Akiko’s “Go Deeper” class – Thursdays 6.30-7.45pm**
Yen Yen’s review:

 In this Thursday’s session, Akiko focused on Triangle pose or Trikonasana. Although I have practiced the pose many many times, I didn’t realize that because of my flexibility, I was really dumping my weight into the front leg instead of lifting from my hips. Akiko corrected that. This class didn’t go through a lot of poses but focused on different kinds of shapes and experiences so that we understand a basic pose such as Trikonasana. Yogis who like sweaty flowy classes wouldn’t enjoy this class, but if you care about alignment in your practice and want to experience the full benefits of a pose, this is a good class to attend. Akiko provided lots of options for students with different needs. I found it to be an intense class as I needed to continually focus on the alignment in my body. I also like classes where I learn new things, and this class taught me something new about my Trikonasana.