We offer a variety of different yoga classes, some of which are a blend of different styles, for every level of practitioner, from beginners to experienced yogis. We also try to keep things fresh for our student by organizing special workshops and series.

$5 Community Classes

Every now and then, Yumcha Yoga invites brand new certified teachers to teach $5 community classes. These tend to be gentle vinyasa classes. They give the community an opportunity to experience yoga practice at a low fee, and the new teacher some teaching experience that will help them in their growth.

Open Flow

Aslo known as vinyasa yoga, this class is suitable for those looking for deeper strength and flexibility with a focus on connecting movement with breath. The practice is a dynamic flow between poses. Practitioners will find heat generated through the movement between poses and their core strength engaged. Open level class for both beginners and seasoned practitioners.  *Suitable for beginners & seasoned practitioners

Candlelit Slow Flow

A slower paced flow practice where practioners move mindfully focusing on their breath.   Using props such as blocks, blankets and bolsters to help fascilitate deeper relaxation.  The class is suitable for people suffering from chronic stress and tension especially in the shoulders, neck, and back.  *Suitable for beginners & seasoned practitioners.

Candlelit Stretch

A deep stretching class done passively and restoratively. We use props, candle light and simple meditation to relax the nervous system for greater flexibility and body awareness. *Suitable for beginners & seasoned practitioners.

Yin-Yang Flow

Suitable for those who want a slower, deeper practice with a focus on the connective tissue in the joints: shoulders, knees, hips. Especially if you have a Yang physical practice from lifting weights, sports, Power yoga, Yin yoga will work on the connective tissue that doesn’t often get stretched in Yang practice. The class begins with a flow sequence to warm up the body and then Yin poses where each position is held for a few minutes so that the practice goes deep into your connective tissue and deep in your joints to provide relief and healing.  *Suitable for beginners & seasoned practitioners

Align & Flow

A lot of yoga practitioners might have practiced yoga for a long time but might continue to have imbalances in their poses. This class is appropriate for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. It is vinyasa-based and focuses on the alignment of yoga poses maximizing the benefits of each pose and minimizing injuries.  Each class will build strength, endurance and flexibility, align your poses, returning you to your regular practice with a new perspective. *Suitable for beginners & seasoned practitioners