Because our society is now much more competitive and children get so little time to relax, they experience stress-related symptoms like mood swings, difficulty with concentration, and socially-negative behaviors.

Yoga can help kids to:
1.    regulate emotions
2.     increase flexibility
3.     breathe better
4.     focus their attention
5.     improve strength and stamina
6.     improve overall health

With Yumcha Yoga Kids’ Program, our fully-certified and experienced teachers will use music and games of imagination to lead students, beginning with basic poses to more advanced ones. Your kids will be able to explore their minds and bodies in a fun, creative, healthy and safe environment!

Yumcha Kids’ Summer 1 Semester will start on Wednesday 7/2/14 to 8/20/14 for 8 weeks.

  • Price for 8 sessions is $120.
  • If the child is absent for a class, the class can be exchanged for an adult class (up to a maximum of 2 classes).

Click to register online for “Kids Yoga Summer 2014”.

Please contact yenyen@yumchayoga.com if you are interested.


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