**Kids Yoga with Robin: Wednesdays 3.45pm to 4.35pm**

I teach pedagogy at the university and I have observed and evaluated many teachers in their teaching. When I observe Robin’s kids’ yoga class, I see a teacher who has eyes on the back of her head. What I mean by that is that she is always observing and watching what each kid is saying and doing for an opportunity for learning that she can pick up on. For example, Anthony started jumping from mat to mat talking about the space in between the mats as lava. Robin immediately picked it up and soon the whole class had created this imaginary obstacle course with volcanoes and lava that they have to cross. Beyond technique, Robin listens to the kids and is continually thinking and looking for opportunity for learning. And that is why the kids absolutely adore her and are learning to express with their bodies and to take their bodies on different adventures. It also helps that she has purple hair!