Launch into 2017 with fresh commitment and energy! Join the Yumcha Yoga New Year 30-Day Challenge!

What is the Yumcha Yoga New Year 30-Day Challenge?

A commitment to attend a minimum of 25 yoga classes over 30 days for the month of January. Starting 1/2/17 to 1/31/17.

Why should I take the Yumcha Yoga New Year 30-Day Challenge?

Because you want to begin the new year with a clear focus, a new healthy habit, and a commitment to transform your life.

You might experience the following benefits:

  • increased strength
  • improved flexibility
  • possible weight loss
  • better movement
  • stress reduction
  • improved focus 
  • improved sleep patterns
  • improved eating habits
  • better caring for yourself and the people around you
  • a deeper yoga practice

Additional options and tips for you for your Challenge:

  • Log a daily journal to document the changes you are experiencing;
  • Try a wide range of class styles from Yin to Ashtanga. Pace yourself and mix up the classes;
  • Share your experiences with friends and family as they will be your support these 30 days;
  • Plan your weekly schedule ahead of time so that you set aside the time for yoga practice;

 How this works:

  • Register in-studio and sign your name up on wall chart at the studio. Joining the challenge is FREE, you just have to pay for classes with your unlimited membership. If you have an existing class card and would like to take part in the challenge, we can pause your class cards for you to purchase an unlimited membership.  Putting your name on the board  will help the community give you the support to complete the challenge.
  • Come Yumcha Yoga for classes as often as you can, for a minimum of 25 classes in 30 days, from January 2 to January 31st.

Win a Yumcha Yoga Hoodie!

To encourage you in this challenge, anyone who completes at least 25 classes in 30 days will win a cosy Yumcha Yoga hoodie!