Yamuna Body Rolling Gold Ball Kit

Yamuna Body Rolling Gold Ball Kit

  • Body rolling self-massage device from yoga and health expert Yamuna Zake
  • Includes gold ball, a pump for inflating and deflating the balls, and Total Body Rolling DVD
  • Covers hamstrings, each side of spine up into neck and skull, abdominal area, chest, and shoulders from front
  • Recommended for beginners, those with injuries, and seniors
  • Ideal for massage and fitness programs, helping to lengthen and release muscles for improved flexibility and bodily health

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Product Description

What is Body Rolling? Body Rolling is a therapeutic self- care practice for body therapy practitioners and an educational tool used by body therapists to empower clients to develop a deeper and more subtle relationship with their own bodies. Body Rolling improves any type of body- oriented practice, from massage and physical therapy to bodywork, yoga teaching, fitness training, and somatic therapies such as Feldenkrais and Alexander technique. Developed through seventeen years of bodywork practice, Body Rolling is an experiential approach to learning the language of anatomy. Body Rolling will help you maintain the health of your own neuromuscular and skeletal systems. It helps you learn to listen to the useful information the body communicates to you, making it possible to develop greater control over your internal state and increase your ability to use your body more freely and intelligently, whether in your body therapy practice, for exercise or just in daily life.




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