Yin-Restorative Workshop With Masako

Date: Sat 2/4/17

Time: 3pm-5pm

Fee: $35 advance/ $40 on the day of

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A calming, grounding, and quieting practice of YIN will open your hips, spine, and shoulder joints gently yet very deeply.  

We hold the pose longer to affect the tight, contracting tissues of ligaments, tendons, and fascia.  Since all the poses are done on the floor, you safely exercise often neglected parts of our body – connective tissues.  This is a complimentary practice to more YANG activity such as vinyasa yoga, running, swimming, weight lifting, etc where you exercise and stretch the muscles of the body.  With YIN poses you will feel energy blockage and tightness melts away.  We will end the practice with deeply restorative poses where your body is fully supported by the props to increase your vitality, strengthen immune system, and restore your body’s natural ability to relax and rejuvenate.